10.) Jeffrey Hiatt/Devil's Gulch & The Missionaries working the crowd.
Who doesn't love a silhouette? Or black and white concert photos for that matter? Jeffrey's stage presence is edgy and mysterious. 
9.) Baby Bash on stage at the Yakima Valley SunDome.
The blues and purples captured here afford this image the only Hip-Hop entry on this list. Yes, there's lots of headspace... but that's for a potential autographed print out. Hehe.
8.) Ricky Maxey/Pastel Motel during an opening set.
The different shades of green, the spotlight and a hint of smoke makes this shot too sweet to not appreciate.
7.) Mario Domm/Camila interacting with fans at the Yakima Valley SunDome.
It's always nice to see genuine fan love and engagement. Pair that with a great show and you can capture a moment like this.
6.) Abby Hart/SERVICE at a packed-out show at the Bearded Monkey.
This one is very punk rock. The emotion in Abby's face speaks just as loud as the instruments themselves.

5.) Jilly Weiss/SERVICE throwing out rockstar symbol.
2nd silhouette and 2nd entry for SERVICE on this list. This time hazier but just as rockin'.
4.) Alex Ashley takes the stage with his acoustic guitar at Downtown Summer Nights in Yakima, WA.
This image feels like a changeup compared to the rest on this list. No bursting colors or creative editing for this photo. Just clean and simple.
3.) Chuck Smith/X-Band Live from the beer garden stage at Moxee Hop Festival.
From the American themed apparel of the scarf, shirt & reflection in the shades... to the reds and yellows of the stage lights. This one is more than worthy of a top 10 spot.
2.) Ryan Maxey/Pastel Motel on the drum-kit.
Tucked away towards the back of the stage, drummers can often be the hardest band member to photograph. That's what makes this photo special. Killer lighting, motion capture and insane musicianship.
1.) Chris Nobbs/Cockaphonix with trombone and flashy stage wardrobe.
Number one on the list! Perhaps it's the eccentric headwear... or maybe the flashy vest reflecting the many colors. This image, like all Cockaphonix stage attire is simply eye catching.

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